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Default How is Lesnar #1 HW again-

How is Lesnar #1 HW again? He ran from Carwin the entire first round like a girl, had all his takedowns stuffed,trx pro 2, and despite this, somehow ended up on the ground and nearly got finished several times. He is very lucky the fight was not stopped. We've all seen fights stopped for less.Then he comes out and submits a guy that is so gassed he can barely walk and has to go to the hospital afterwards due to hyperventilation.Wow that's so impressive, just amazing. Clearly a better HW than Fedor, Werdum and Overeem. #1 HW my ass,trx force tactical... Because Shane Carwin tapped and Brock won? because he finished the # 1 contender and #2 hw in the world? lol trolls we want a rematch .. the first time he lost he tapped omg wow brock showed what the difference btwn 1st and 2nd division surely was...and shane showed him what a striker is...dam it made my day watching that he's beaten 3 top 5 guys in mir, randy (debatable), and carwin -overeem had over a year of inactivity, and his last fight was against rogers who is a bum-fedor is coming off a loss-werdum lost to JDS somewhat recently, who is ranked below lesnar. yes he beat fedor, but he was barely in the top 10 prior to that Shane Carwin is the #2 HW in the world? The guy almost passed out in the 1st round.And Lesnar turtled up on the ground like a baby to avoid getting hit.These are the best HW's in the world? fights have been stopped for less, but that doesn't mean they should have been stopped. Rosenthal did the right thing imo (no Lesnar nuthugger either). yes... you were expecting WW style fights/all around skills from 265+lbs. behemoths? Do you watch much MMA? haters gonna hate That's the way fighting works. lol you n00bs are amusing. adrenalin dump and punched himself out-also was not as gased as people seem to believe go rewatch the fight lol-in fighting its best to avoid getting hit lolyep, hw's are never great technicians they are big and powerful. U mad lesnar just finished the #2 hw early in the 2nd round after not fighting for a year and nearly dying? Well you see the best HW's are in UFC NOT in Strikeforce or any other organisation (unless anyone here wants to claim differently???), Brock has avenged his one loss and beat all the others thus far. Next he will fight Cain whom he will beat as well.The people you mention - Fedor aka 'The Chubby One' tapped like a little girl in around 70 secs rather than fight on or get choked out (hilarious people talk of MMA guys being the ultimate street fighters too, sure quitting in a street fight is an option - you get killed! or you want to tell me suddenbly inthe street they would never quit and in the cage it is different?). Fedor signed with Strikeforce specifically to avoid the best in UFC, and he has not been fighting the best for last few years and rarely fighting as well. If Fedor beats Werdum in rematch (He won't!) and Overeem that makes him the best does it? The UFC HW division is far,trx force kit, far stronger than that. Physiques don't make fighters of course but the Chubster Fedor better take a look at Brock, Cain, Carwin, etc and realise he needs to turn the training level intensity up several notches (yes we've all heard the crap that it is ideal physique for him, FACT #1 muscles is more functional than fat FACT #2 he is clearly not in the shape he could be in to have that high body fat FACT #3 Hard Cardio + Weights + Good Diet = Lower Body Fat / Good Physique (this is a BB forum after all) - so clearly Fedor is doing something very, very wrong. If he trained with top UFC trainers they would analyse what he is doing and find out what he is doing wrong & improve it. FACT#4 Brock is constantly improving and a great athlete,trx professional, bringing in specialists in diff. areas, Fedor is not or he would know how to get out a basic BJJ triangle choke and armbar. As for saying ''Then he comes out and submits a guy that is so gassed he can barely walk and has to go to the hospital afterwards due to hyperventilation'' - well impressive he took hits that would have KO'd others & even smiled about it when he managed to push Carwin off, he took Carwin's best strikes and elbows full force and never looked close to getting KO'd. Even if Carwin was not gassed in the 2nd , over 5 rounds get serious if you think Carwin would win from that point on against the fitter and better athlete and physically stronger fighter. He showed great heart to keep on fighting, the will of a champion. It showed that to actually KO Brock is very, very hard and trying to do so will tire out anyone if they really unload and fail to do so. ''He is very lucky the fight was not stopped'' he was never close to getting KO'd and Intelligently defending himself , watch fight he even smiles whilst on his back, and managed to get to his feet fast when the opportunity arose showing his reflexes and mental faculties were all still there. OP, is it hard to make posts like this when you are fondling / sucking Carwins nuts? I mean he'd be standing in front of you right? - right where the computer is so it must be an effort to post at the same time I swear to God 99.9% of MMA fans are crack babies who have never been in a real fight, wrestled, or anything like that ONCE in their whole life. From what I've gathered from people after the fight, it makes more sense to stand in front and take punches rather than do whatever you can to avoid them, and it is possible to knock somebody out by punching them in the shoulders and forearms. Brock's been called a pussy by little MMA fan boys his last two fights for running away from strikes... yet he somehow managed to win both fights. I call that being smart and knowing what your limitations are and finding a way to work around them. You people who call Brock a pussy for running away from Carwin's punches as he's taking them would be on the ground drowning in a pool of your own piss while Carwin was winding up to throw the first one at you. brock played it intelligently, carwin was just so dumb to gas himself like that, he looked like an amateur. If anybody doesn't think Fedor can beat him after seeing that, then you are extremely biased. There was a thread a while ago saying Fedor could never get Brock on his back and that nobody could. I told them that he wouldn't do it through wrestling/judo but with strikes. Brock was exposed somewhat yesterday (but gotta take into account he has been out a year). If Brocks body can handle it since he is kind of old I can see him beating Fedor and nobody really challenging him in a few years. He will get really good and have no real weakness. But as of right now Fedor can beat him and watching last nights match confirmed it for me. Yes he lost to Verdum because he made a dumb mistake, but if Fedor had Brock in the position Carwin had him in, he would have won that fight. If Fedor had fought the exact same fight that Brock did against Carwin, you'd be licking his nuts and saying he's the greatest and amazing. Fedor was getting his face beat in and nose broken by Rogers and pulled out a victory, and he's the greatest fighter in the world. Carwin is about 100,000,000 times better and stronger than Rogers.The double standard you people have is nauseating. READ MY ABOVE POST! Fedor aka The Fat Turd better lay off the cheeseburgers if he wants to even dream of taking on the best in UFC. After Strikeforce contract ends he will retire, he has avoided the best last few years and raely fought, he signed with them to AVOID the best in UFC - I hardly think after his current contract he will rush to go to UFC. I love this. Dragger spends years telling us that Carwin would beat Lesnar. He doesn't so he holds on to a moral victory. So here's to you. Your guy fought the best 2:30 and change of his life, and couldn't get it done.I'm sure Gabe Gonzaga sleeps better at night with his moral victory over Carwin Not really. Two different people with two different skillsets. It's like someone watching the Werdum fight and saying Lesnar would win based on that. Fedor isn't the puncher or wrestler of Carwin You are the biggest troll in this section. That's a true story Star wars can be sexual The only other fighter with a clear argument for being number 1 right now is Werdum,trx suspension training. It's funny how you don't hear too many people pushing that. Fedor is number 3 until he defeats a Top 3 HW. If he fights a No-jack barely Top 20 fighter and wins then he should drop again in the rankings. The time for babying his ranking is over. Beat Top ranked fighters or lose respect. Cause I don't believe it's clear. Sure you could make an argument for it. I could make an argument for a few guys If Brock or Carwin don't deserve to be in the top 1-3 based on their performances, how far should Fedor drop then after recklessly storming into an elite BJJ practitioners guard and getting subbed in 69 seconds. #10? um he won the fight.You know, I was as critical of lesnar as anyone and I was rooting for Carwin, but the people who hate on him now are just being ****ing stupid. Dude is the top HW
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