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Angry Ever been so angry ...

That if that anger were to physically manifest it would reduce the object of that anger to ashes? And then you'd jump up and down on the ashes? Finally(??), you'd want the object of that anger restored so that you could do it all over, again and again and again, till the end of time?

That's just the tiniest shade of what I'm feeling... Except that the collateral damage from what I'm feeling now would reduce planets to ashes. I wish I had a way to vent this but I don't. I am speaking to my counselor (for stress management of all things) tomorrow and hopefully she may have SOMETHING that will help... But I doubt it. Not for this.

Background stressors issues are that my father died in July of 2006 and I haven't reconciled that. Then my stepfather died last September; I haven't reconciled that either. My wife has been sick since last April with gastrointestinal issues (to include quite a few ER visits and a bunch of hospital stays), of which we have found several causes but no solutions. I just got promoted into a larger management capacity at a new job; this last one I was told, though positive, is still a stressor.

The source of this particular fountain of anger is from my wife's latest hospital stay (of which she is STILL THERE). I don't ever recall being this angry, at anything. If you took all of the other portions of my life and lumped it together it still wouldn't come close. I will post more about it as I get permission to. I just wanted to find out if I were alone with this feeling.
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Kodiak you are not alone with that type of anger. What I use to do was stuff an old pillow case full of rags, hang it up and then beat the h*ll out of it. Not only did it relieve my anger, but I was exhausted by the time I got done. When it was too nasty outside for the sack I use to beat up hay bales.

My best to you and your wife. It's been a long time.
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