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Default Found 2 Ways Managing Stress

"Everyone is Different" For me there was 2 ways on Managing Stress 1 was Count 10 Slowly as eyes Closed and Meditation brang my BP down,what may work for 1 may Not work for another,Good Luck.
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ty for sharing Terry. I find my meds help lol. But counting is good, meditation is another great one! How about a third? If it's a stressful situation, simply walk away. I know you can't do that every time but sometimes it's the only way to reduce stress
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I bought a Kindle (e-reader) from Amazon. Then I found some sites where you can down load free books. Mostly older books I was happy cause I downloaded the classic books I was looking for.

Oh, I went through soooo much stress and annoyance because I could not figure how to get the books from my computer to the Kindle.

Stress Management Suggestion - - read the directions LOLOLOL

One stressful thing removed from my life (G)
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ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! KK!! giggle!!!! you crack me up!!
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Hi I am new here. For me I once got addicted to painkillers and did not know I was till I found the right Dr. who had me quit them cold turkey. He said the drugs no longer worked as my illness was pyschosomatic and was mimicing calcific tendonitis which I had recovered from a year earlier and had been left with the crptic message that there was a 50/50 chance of getting it again.

So a year later and there I was in severe muscle spasm pain mimicing the calcific tendonitis. Only differance was I was not getting better and only worsening. And one other odd thing, I could actually put my arm behind my back and lift is up behind me like in zipping a dress up. With the real calcific tendonitis this was not at all possible due to excruciating pain that i wished I could have one second free of it.

So I shared that briefly to say that I learned as a sensitive type person who cares to much and worries easily and who thought she was praying and "giving her cares to Jesus". That I was acutually burying them inside myself and something had to give. It was me of course. From this I learn that I have to take responsibility for myself when I stress or worry. God will do my part but I to must do something definite to help myself.

I have learned to recoginize what I call "triggers" my body gives me. It can be the old painful jaw clench and teeth grinding in my sleep which shows up early on as dull pain in my jaws, gums, teeth and headache. Another trigger warning me is low level pain begins on my left shoulder, arm and neck which is the beginning of the "fake calcific tendonitis" which means this is the weak area of my body there.

So internalize stress and not know it and my body will tell me. Immediately I say a prayer to Jesus. Then I will take steps to relax the pain. If it is begining in my mouth, then I make sure when I go to bed that night to wear my mouth splint which works 100% of the time. If I have a border line case of this hurting early on, I use baby numbing orajel inside my mouth and a pain reliever like naproxsin but can be your own preference there if you like tylenol maybe ,etc. Mouth pain is immediately relieved me while these things begin to help by taking a wet hot wash cloth as hot as I can stand it and putting it alongside the side of my jaw that hurts from forehead down to infront of my face and under jaw. What a relief it is while I wait for painkiller to work. The baby orajel also helps but that hot washcloth applied as many times as I need (2 to 4 times) always brings immedaite relief as it relaxes muscles tensing up.

If shoulder pain then painkiller plus heating pad or just massaging it always works. But this to is preceded by prayer for help. Then I take charge of myself from there.

You know another trick when you stress to much is to take a nice hot bubble bath at home as soon as possible .At work or in a situation where you can't climb into the tub right away, I find that remembering a special time in my life or a special time coming up or a answer to prayer that was so vital all relax me as I put my mind into these thoughts. I end up thanking God all over again. Perhaps one of my favorites is when my son came home from Iraq unharmed despite patrolling the streets of Baghdad and being at the Italian Embassy bombing. And also surviving a sniper in Baghdad that came within a inch of killing him.

Even if you are not a person of faith, still some of the other things I shared here can help you. And I had a another Dr. afterwards tell me he thought I could not change .That I was born to sensitive for this world. Well I can say he was sure wrong. I have Jesus and so I had what I always needed to help me change.
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Originally Posted by terry357 View Post
"Everyone is Different" For me there was 2 ways on Managing Stress 1 was Count 10 Slowly as eyes Closed and Meditation brang my BP down,what may work for 1 may Not work for another,Good Luck.

I wish counting worked for me. I've tried. With a type A personality and having a three-year old that is a chip off her daddy's block we're constantly butting heads and neither of us will back down. I get so frustrated at the fact that she pushes my buttons and I let her get to me. I will hopefully be talking to my FP doc to maybe get a consult to see a counselor about this and the multitude of other issues I'm struggling with. And I guess I'm too impatient for meditation.

I have never thought about checking my BP to see what it was when I was worked up.
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i just play something, and i get totally distracted and forget miracles
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Well count down is a good thing and quite new for me and i listen music and sometimes play something like any game.
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Well for managing stress try to stop thinking again again about things those caused u stress . Try to do some yoga exercises because yoga is best for managing stress . BEst of luck .
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Hi terry357,
Some tips to manage stress:
Do call your friends and share your feeling with them,
Do take deep breath in fresh air,
Do light exercises,
Get healthy balanced diet,
Get professional treatment
Sleep for at least 8 hours in a day.
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