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?Mommy makeover is on! This term is making pregnant women smile of pure joy, all thanks to Cosmetic Harmony.
Cosmetic Harmony, a leading medical tourism company Supra Skytop 2 Shoes in Bogota, Colombia has developed the ?Mommy makeover? package. Designed for all those women who are not satisfied with the way their body looks after pregnancy, the company is going the extra mile to create awareness among husbands about the post partum body changes, while offering the moms alternatives to regain confidence and beauty.
"The women of today are appearance conscious, careerist, Purple Supra Skytop Shoes ambitious, and yet they long to take an off from their career to experience the most beautiful phase of life, supra tk society purple and yellow the phase of motherhood. Although, nothing compares the wonderful feelings of nurturing a baby in Supra Skytop 2 Shoes the womb and delivering her/him to Supra Green And Black the world, Supra Green And Black the body of a mother, however, undergoes a transition. The stretched abdominal muscles, the stubborn weight and the sagging breasts are what making the ?Mommy Makeover' an abode of refuge for these women as they have to go back to their jobs which Purple Supra Skytop Shoes is, in turn, have become a case of luxury in these recession days. Apparently, the husbands are the better Supra Skytop Black Purple halves of their wives, hence who can be the better persons than them Kids Supra Shoes XjRpbTHv3XqDprC to understand and Supra Skytop Black Purple feel the stress and pain of their wives? Of late we've been receiving a lot of clients and queries (even from the world of husbands) on ?Mommy makeover', and, accordingly, I'm happy to say that we've satisfied every one of them, whether the surgery procedure or counseling," says AnthonyGiudice, Cosmetic Harmony Sales Supervisor.
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