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Default Daughter developed diabetes

My daughter had a severe case of gestational diabetes this time around. She was injecting insulin three times a day and still her blood sugar was running around 245. There was a lot of concern over the baby and he was closely watched the first 24 hours. This wasn't the first time she had this while pregnant but it was definately the worst!

Daughter got bad news. The diabetes didn't go away. The doctor put her back on insulin, pills this time. She sent my daugher to a family doctor who specializes in diabetes but they called and told her they can't get her in for a visit until September. What the heck? She can't go back to her OB doctor now. How is she supposed to keep it under control if no one is monitoring her or refilling scripts?

I'm pretty upset about this. She is having episodes of fainting already and I'm getting really worried. I know you guys can't do anything to help but I figured venting wouldn't hurt.
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Default Have the OB dr call for the appointment!!

((((((((((( Moonchild & daughter ))))))))))))))),
Have your daughter call the OB dr back. Tell her the problem. ASK that the OB dr call the reg dr

Having one dr call the other works a lot faster. Amazing how fast they can get a patient in to see them.

Please have her do this. It's very important that she be seen ASAP.

When getting a script for the insulin, ask for a 3 month supply. Make sure she gets her meter & whatever else she needs. Give her a hug from me.

Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers.

Congrats on the new grandbaby. Call the OB Monday AM. That should work.. Hopefully.

If not ( I think it will ) .. call the reg dr back INSIST on talking to the dr.

Then tell them to call if any cancellations come up.

Keep documentation of what's going on with her. Good luck & good wishes to her & the little one.

Let me know. Please I do care.
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