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Default ATLANTIC DIP: The Impact Of Obesity On Pregnancy Outcome In Glucose Tolerant Women

Objective: A prospective study of impact of obesity on pregnancy outcome in glucose tolerant women.
Research Design and Methods: The Irish Atlantic Diabetes in Pregnancy network advocates universal screening for gestational diabetes. Women with normoglycaemia and a recorded booking body mass index (BMI) were included. Maternal and infant outcomes correlated with booking BMI are reported.
2329 women fulfilled the criteria. Caesarean deliveries increased in OW (OR1.57, 95%CI,1.24-1.98), OB (OR 2.65,95%-CI,2.03-3.46) women. Hypertensive disorders increased in OW (OR 2.30,95%-CI,1.55-3.40, OB (OR 3.29,95%-CI,2.14-5.05) women. Reported miscarriages increased in OB (OR 1.4,95%-CI,1.11-1.77) women. Mean birth-weight was 3.46kg NBMI, 3.54kg OW, 3.62kg OB (p
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