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Default trx p3 Do you even bother selling more sessions to annoying clients

Do you even bother selling more sessions to annoying clientsI know you all get some strange clients from time to time. Do you even bother sucking up to them?Me: You should be drinking about this *holding up my bottle*Client: How much do you pee pee?Me: ......SO today we're going to start over here...I find this particular client strange, and as her sessions finish,trx p3, find I don't really care if she resigns...I wouldn't turn it down if she did but..Do you know what I mean?Yeah I have a client who refuses to change his terrible diet and continues to show no progress. His contract is up soon and, like you,trx fitness, I wouldn't really mind if he didn't renew it.I just started with a woman this week who wants to lose a few pounds and 'tone her arms' but overall she's in quite good shape compared to average beginner. She comes to the gym for a 9am session with full makeup, doesn't want to sweat or work too hard. After her assessment we ended up doing a little circuit with some 5lb dumbbells (for extra toninig!) because anything else was far too hard/heavy for her to even try (according to her).I told her that the harder she is willing to push herself the faster she would see results and she can go easier on her workouts at home (walking on treadmill) if she wants,trx bands, but to really try and give it her best when she's with me. If she doesn't want to do that and her sessions are boring for me, and she's not seeing results, I will still be happy to train her if she wants to continue because her money is worth the same as everyone else's and this is a business. If she stops because she's not seeing results I'll politely tell her 'no kidding' but won't be bothered if she leaves.All my clients are on direct debit,trx home kit, that is money for X sessions a fortnight goes out automatically. The good part is that I never have to worry about selling them more sessions. The bad part is that if they want to quit or I want to fire them, we have to do it openly and directly, we can't just reach the end of a pack and weasel out of it giving our busy schedule as an excuse.相关的主题文*:
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