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Allergies affect the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. While allergy symptoms are generally worse during the fall and spring seasons, people with severe allergies may suffer year around.
We will discuss 10 primary causes of allergies in the home and methods you can use right now to control them or even eliminate them. Your indoor home environment is the one place you have control over and with the proper knowledge, a home can be your haven.
  1. Animal dander. Many people have at least one family pet of some sort. However, dogs or cats can create havoc for allergy sufferers. Dogs and cats can shed skin flakes just like humans but their skin flakes actually have an oily component to it thus making it dander. In most cases, a person with a dander allergy is sensitive to the protein of the dander and can have upper respiratory symptoms when they breathe it in or even skin rashes when exposed to it. Bacteria. Bacteria is everywhere in the indoor and outdoor environment but it is bacteria particles indoors which can causes a host of upper respiratory symptoms in a person with chronic allergies. The primary breeding ground for bacteria particles is a vacuum cleaner bag. Thousands of new bacteria particles can grow everyday in a vacuum cleaner bag. A standard vacuum with a low efficient paper bag will actually circulate these new bacteria particles into the air each time the vacuum is used. Dust mites. Dust mites are most definitely in the top 3 of all allergens found in the home and are also a common cause of asthma symptoms in the home. They feed on human skin flakes as well as animal dander and produce microscopic fecal matter wherever they exist. Just as animal dander, an allergy sufferer is allergic to the protein found in the fecal matter and not the dust mites themselves. Foods. It is believed that most people on earth have at least one food that they are allergic to. There are literally hundreds of foods which are known to cause allergic symptoms. Food Supra Tk Society Black Suede allergies are known to change and will usually get better as we age. However, persons with severe chronic allergies can have them their entire lives. Fragrances. Fragrances from pesticides and perfumes are the most common of these type of allergens. A fragrance is one of the few allergens which can actually create a reaction from just the odor itself. Insect stings Supra Blue And Green and dead insect parts. While most people know someone who is allergic to an insect sting; most persons do not know that breathing in dead insect parts may Supra Shoes Black Red also cause allergic symptoms. If an insect dies indoors, it will dry out and turn to particle matter in a few weeks time. These insect particles can become airborne and breathed in by an allergy sufferer. Just as other organic allergens, the protein found in the particles is what actually causes allergy reactions. Latex. Latex is a natural substance made from a type of rubber tree. A latex allergy is normally found in the healthcare workplace but Supra Footwear Stores can be found in the home with the use of latex based kitchen gloves. Eliminating a latex allergy is as simple as disposing of all latex based products found in the home. Medications. Medication allergies are normally a synergistic effect between other pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs. A physicians desk reference or drug manufacturer instructions should be read completely prior to taking any medications. Sometimes interactions are found out Supra Footwear Stores following the printing of such instructions and manufacturer web sites should be consulted on a regular Supra Tk Society Black Suede basis Supra Black Vaider for new interactions. Molds. We have all been exposed to common molds from childhood Supra Black Vaider since they are found throughout the outdoor environment. They become a problem for allergy sufferers when they invade the indoor environment and amplify on a breeding ground. Common indoor breeding grounds are air conditioning coil boxes, internally insulated supply air plenums and refrigerator drip pans. Pollen. Pollen are believed to be the number one allergen in the world and is the primary cause of seasonal allergies. Some pollens can create indoor allergies when they dry out into small particles and become airborne.
Supra Yellow Shoes You can eliminate about half of the allergens discussed above by just discontinuing their use however; allergens which are in the form of airborne particles are not so easily controlled. A true H.E.P.A. (High Efficient Particle Air) vacuum cleaner or air purifier is the only scientifically proven devices known to reduce particle allergens from the indoor air. Regular use of H.E.P.A. devices can make a dramatic improvement in allergies while at Supra Shoes Black Red home. The H.E.P.A. filter maintains its efficiency up to five years of life. I highly recommend that you consider only the highest quality units since there are many H.E.P.A. "type" and inexpensive low-quality H.E.P.A. products on the market.
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