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Default Age at onset and the risk of proliferative retinopathy in type 1 diabetes

AbstractObjective:Age at onset of type 1 diabetes influences the risk of microvascular complications. However, the long-term risk of proliferative retinopathy within the wide spectrum of age at onset of type 1 diabetes is less well known.
Research design and methods:A sample of 1117 consecutively recruited patients was drawn from the FinnDiane Study population (4800 patients). Type 1 diabetes was defined as age at onset ≤ 40 years, insulin treatment initiated within one year and C-peptide ≤ 0.3 nmol/l. Retinopathy status was graded based on ophthalmic records and/or fundus photographs. The risk of proliferative retinopathy was studied in age at onset groups 0-4, 5-14 and 15-40 years.
The mean durations to proliferative retinopathy were 24.3 (22.7-25.9) years in 0-4 group, 20.1 (19.2-21.1) years in 5-14 group and 21.6 (19.8-23.3) years in 15-40 group (P
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