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Default A High Protein Diet With Resistance Exercise Training Improves Weight Loss And Body C

Aim:Evaluate the effects of two low fat hypocaloric diets differing in carbohydrate:protein ratio, with and without resistance training (RT), on weight loss, body composition and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk outcomes in overweight/obese patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D).
Methods:83 men/women with T2D (age:56.1±7.5yrs, BMI:35.4±4.6kg/m2) were randomly assigned to an isocaloric, energy restricted diet (females:6 MJ/day, males:7 MJ/day) of either standard carbohydrate (CON; carbohydrate:protein:fat, 53:19:26) or high protein (HP; 43:33:22), with or without supervised RT (3d/wk) for 16-wks. Body weight and composition, waist circumference (WC) and cardiometabolic risk markers were assessed.
59 participants completed the study. There was a significant group effect (P≤0.04) for body weight, fat mass and WC with greatest reductions in HP+RT; weight (CON:-8.6±4.6kg, HP:-9.0±4.8kg, CON+RT:-10.5±5.1kg, HP+RT:-13.8±6.0kg), fat mass (CON:-6.4±3.4kg, HP:-6.7±4.0kg, CON+RT:-7.9±3.7kg, HP+RT:-11.1±3.7kg), WC (CON:-8.2±4.6cm, HP:-8.9±3.9cm, CON+RT:-11.3±4.6cm, HP+RT:-13.7±4.6cm). There was an overall reduction (P
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