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Default A steam shower feels like 3 things: hot

A steam shower feels like 3 things: hot, humid, and relaxing. You're going to sweat like crazy. If you're a first-timer, expect it to be something like a hot summer in Florida multiplied times 5 and then minus the sun's blinding brightness. The first time I went into a steam shower, it felt like my skin was burning. If I was moving my body at any speed faster than slow-motion, it felt like my skin was burning. It was until I hurried up and sat down that the heat become bearable. I'd also have to advise you to sit farther away from the steam head. Sitting on the lower benches is also a good idea for first-timers since heat rises. As long as you don't move and don't breathe too fast, the burning sensations will stop. From here it will just feel really really hot. You'll begin sweating profusely as your body feels like it's going through a total cleansing from inside-out. You can try to talk but I wouldn't recommend it. Again, you'll feel like you're burning if you try to move. It's not the environment for chatter anyway. Most people are in there for only 10 minutes at a time and they're usually completely silent. I was scared my first time and so I made sure I was never alone or that I always had a friend go with me. The heat can be hard to bear and make you feel like passing out. Like I said before, the heat and humidity is very intense. While sitting inside the steam room, I felt (and looked) like I had ran a marathon. My body was slowly melting down and everything seemed to be going into total shutdown. It was burning but at the same time very relaxing. 10 minutes felt like an hour. As soon as I finally stepped out of the steam room into the cooler air, my body felt completely amazing and rejuvenated. If anything, the steam shower itself seemed to do more for me than the workout. My muscles were loose and relaxed. My breathing seemed deeper and cleaner than ever. I felt completely refresh. Overall, it was scary at first but now I love it. Everytime afterwards, the steam shower doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. Many people from different countries swear by steam showers. They say it has all sorts of medical and therapeutic benefits. For me, it was completely relaxing and definitely helped to heal my tired muscles. The relaxation and stress relief alone was proof enough for me. I recommend you to try it, it's a great experience.
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