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Default Estimating Visceral Fat Area by Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance

Objective:We developed a new method of estimating visceral fat area (VFA) using multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance (BI).
Research Design and Methods:We considered abdominal composition as a parallel circuit model composed of VFA and subcutaneous fat area and calculated the impedance of VFA (IPVFA) from this model. The methods were tested against measures of VFA by computer tomography (CT). Multiple regression analysis was performed on the 103 participants to estimate VFA. We cross-validated the regression equation against CT measured VFA in 30 additional participants.
Results:The regression equation was:

VFA = 3.57 x sagittal abdominal diameter + 311.97 x waist-height ratio + 0.71 x age + 23.93 x sex + 1.57 x IPVFA (250 kHz) – 174.35 (r = 0.904, p
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