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10/5/12Fine By MeA broken mirrorA shattered imageThey don't get itAnd they don't careEnough to try and seeWho's hiding behindThis stone wall of mineA broken soulWith a shattered heartIs all they seeAnd I understandThat's perfectly fine by meWHERE ARE YOU?O God! Where are you?God, please �C no!Over and over I seek for that glowDon't let this be so!Please, walk through the doorLord, where could they be?Every second is tortureAbsence slaughters me!So many faces, none of them yoursEach minute, I scream more tormented roarsNothing is important, nothing mattersOnly that you escape, or I'll be in tattersHenriettaHer name's Henrietta,She's beauty and light.Her smiles are all fake ones;She isn't alright.Her inner soul's restless,She's holding out hope,Louis Vuitton Outlet,That someone will noticeHer grip on that rope.They fire their weapons:Steel weapons of words,And with every dark glare,She feels more unheard.No one will notice,But maybe they'd care,If they realized that they areThe reason she's scared.Henrietta is fearfulOf never making friends.Her and her bodyWill not make amends.She hates herself moreThan they say they do.She wishes her wristsWeren't an obvious clue.She just wants to fit inOr just make a friend,But no one seems to haveAn ear they can lend.Her name's Henrietta,She's troubled and down,Depressed and self-loathing,Lips always a frown.If one person listened-If one person tried,Then lovely HenriettaWouldn't have died. Author Notes:~ I have no idea where this came from! :\LOL.Disclaimer: Mine.! No one elses.Warning: May offend some people... I'm not being hateful, it's just a random poem!~.Read and Review. No flames or bashing.~.If you think about,,if you look into it,we live in a fucking distorted world,with crime,Louis Vuitton Bags, blood and screams,wailing in the wind,shattering the glass before us.And yet we cry about our lives,we scream how much it hurts,we lie to others so it'll feel much more better,look outside to see the world for how it is,so dark and distant.And yet.. it stays with us longer than a boyfriend,longer than a girlfriend,longer than life itself,We scar it,we hurt it,and we can't hear it scream,but it doesn't hate us,it loves us,just like the god before us.~,
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